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Vegreville School of Balle‚Äčt

Technology and Social Media Policies

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Vegreville School of Ballet

Technology & Social Media Policies

At Vegreville School of Ballet, teachers, students, executive and other school community members use social networking/media as a way to connect with others and to share information. As opportunities to share resources expand with evolving technologies, we would like to remind VSB families of our responsibility to our staff, students and families, in terms of privacy, respect and discretion.

In the studio:

No cell phones, tablets, computers, etc. may be used by students during class time. (This means no e-mailing, internet use or text messaging.)

If there is an urgent need to send a message/make a call that cannot wait until a break between classes or after class, students are required to request permission from their instructor. If a cell phone, tablet, etc. is being used during class without permission, the instructor may confiscate it for the duration of the class.

Outside the studio:

Below are guidelines to follow when members of the VSB community are posting on the VSB Facebook page:

  • Posting of confidential student information is strictly prohibited. Names may occasionally be used when posting schedules.

  • Use discretion when posting pictures, including those of other students at VSB. NEVER post anything that could compromise the self-esteem of any students or staff of VSB.

  • Respect the law, including laws governing defamation, discrimination and harassment. Parents and students should never post negative comments about each other, other schools, teachers, or events, including festivals, conventions and performances.

In addition, a number of private Facebook groups have been set up for the sole purpose of posting in-class videos. These videos allow students to review choreography, practice their counts and learn missed choreography. The videos posted to these groups are for individual use only and are not to be shared under any circumstances. The use of social media to allow for an additional practice resource is a valuable practice tool and a privilege. The misuse of this privilege may result in individual students and/or classes being removed from their respective social media groups. If any infractions continue, the affected group will be deleted. Social media is an extension of the classroom. What is inappropriate in the classroom is also deemed inappropriate online.