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Vegreville School of Balle‚Äčt

May 5-8

Festival Place, 

Sherwood Park, AB

Evergreen Dance Festival

FINAL Schedule

We are thrilled to welcome you back for our 2022 event season! Evergreen Dance Festival in Sherwood Park is happening May 5 - 8, 2022, at the Festival Place. The event starts on Thursday, at 9 am, and the theatre doors will be open for the audience at 8 am.

Tickets / Passes:

Tickets will be available for sale at the box office, and we offer the following passes*:

1-day pass: $10 (any single day pass)

2-day pass: $15 (Saturday and Sunday pass)

3-day pass: $20 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday pass)

4-day pass: $25 (full event pass)

Programs: $6 each

Dance Off pass: $5 (100% of Dance Off ticket sales will be donated to this year's charity Little Warriors. Participating dancers are free)

*plus taxes

Adjudications & Awards:

This year we are offering Video-Judge adjudication to all the routines registered for our events. This means each number will receive a thorough feedback from the judges through recorded live comments, aside from their marks and medals. 

The on-stage adjudication with the judges is scheduled every 2 to 4 categories. Each category will receive their own awards, regardless of the number of categories in each adjudication session.

Dance Off:

This year we are fully separating the Non-Accelerated dancers from the Accelerated and Accelerated Elite. Everyone agrees that this the fairest for everyone. The Dance Off now has two categories, Non-Accelerated and Accelerated divisions.

Also, the ratio varies from event to event, so we customize the number of qualifications according to the ratio of each level.

For this event, the entries are 40% Accelerated groups and 60% Non-accelerated. So, for the Dance Off, the top 4 Accelerated groups and the top 6 Non-accelerated groups qualify.

After 12:00 noon on Sunday, a group that had qualified, can no longer be bumped from the leaderboard, and during the afternoon, additional groups can continue to qualify in both Divisions.

Videos & Photos:

Videos and photos are not allowed during the show. We have professional videographers and photographers that will be covering the entire event, and the photos and videos will be available on the DanceBUG website the day after the event closure.

Notes for the 2022 season:

The scheduling has been difficult this year due to the apparent loss of mostly younger dancers and more junior levels. We have done our best, but many categories have a broad range of levels or ages. To compensate, we have added extra 1st place awards to ensure these dancers are acknowledged. The adjudicators have all been briefed on this and are aware that each routine is judged accordingly to age, level, and discipline. There are some categories with mixed disciplines and each routine will be adjudicated accordingly. Thanks in advance for understanding.