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Vegreville School of Balle​t

Quality dance training in the heart of Vegreville.

Performance Season

Learn Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Modern, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop more in this goal-oriented Performance Program.  

Dancers in this program we work from September through May on a routine which they perform in Festivals and Recital. This appro​ach gives the dancers incentive to tackle new skills, perfect technique and learn to perform to an audience.

Acro Dance

Acro Dance incorporates the movements of Acrobatics with dance. Dancers will gain strength and flexibility while working toward impressive tricks.

Our Acro Dance program focuses on gradual progressions to keep our dancers safe as the learn and grow in this fascinating art form.

Preschool Programs

Our Little Minis program gives your dancer the opportunity to experience multiple genres in a fun and nurturing setting.

Dancers will be given the tools to develop their gross and fine motor skills while exploring creativity and imagination. They will develop social skills, taking direction from their teacher and learning to work in a group of peers..


Ballet training creates the base of all technical dancing through body awareness, alignment, agility and articulation of correct movements. Perfecting technique in any genre starts in ballet. 


Jazz dance is a fast-paced style that uses turns, jumps and leaps, with eye-catching angles and lines. Our energetic jazz classes include work on strength and flexibility as well as progressional work on tricks.


Lyrical is a soft style with an emphasis on long lines and slow, controlled movements. Dancers need a strong foundation in Ballet, with Jazz and Acro as assets for this genre.


Tap is a fun rhythm-based dance style. Tap shoes have metal plates on the toe and heel of the sole to be used for percussion sounds.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a fun and energetic class. Dancer will learn popular movements and dance to upbeat Hip Hop music.

Adult Classes

Have you ever wanted to try dancing, but didn't know where to start?? We offer adult classes in both Hip Hop, Tap and Jazz.

Photo Credit: Olsen ​Art